Sanitize Public and Private Spaces with Bactisafe TM

When plastics come in close contact with humans, livestock, or raw foods, they can accumulate harmful germs that spread diseases and infections. These microbes find a conducive host in plastic surfaces to multiply and can be rapidly transferred across humans and animals alike. The consequences of these transmissions can range from the spread of common flu to deadly epidemics such as MRSA. Some of the common carriers of such microbes are:
Public. a) Public toilet seats, taps and door handles
b) High contact surfaces in microbe rich environments such as hospital beds, furniture, hotel linen, food processing facilities, metros and public transport, and other similar places
c) Wet areas in public swimming pools, vegetable mandis, and abattoirs
d) Children’s Play area, Escalator handrails, Restaurant crockery, TV remote control in a hotel room


The inauguration of Alok’s very first innovation lab, Alok Technology Incubation Centre (ATIC).

11th December 2015 marks the inauguration of Alok’s very first innovation lab, Alok Technology..


There is nothing so as powerful as an idea whose time has come

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